Invisible Asians - BBC Asian Network
Interview on BBC World Service, Weekend - 24.06.2023
How Britain used India to replace Slave Labour
Al Jazeera
The Indentured Remembered
Quarantine Conversations on indenture
Interviewed 16.04.2021
Inaugural Lecture and Conference of the Ameena Gafoor Institute: Part I
05 May 2021
Slavery, Indenture and the Plantation Economy
05 May 2021
Going Somewhere - Celebrating Women of Indian-Fijian Heritage
Interview with Faiza Shaheen
14 May 2021
Indian Indenture in the British Empire - Dr Maria del Pilar Kaladeen
Supporting the Connected Sociologies project
March 2021
1: Grace Ali, Maria del Kaladeen Pilar & Khadija Benn
Nov 2020 
The Making of Girmit - An Immersive, untold story of Indentured Labour in Fiji. Part One.
08 October 2020
Prof Lez Henry & Dr Maria del Pilar Kaladeen August 2020 Outerview

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